About Confroll

Confroll wants to be the most extensive scientific conference directory over the Internet.

We want to help academics to improve their network

Our ultimate goal is supporting academics to select the conferences that most fit their interest to improve their involvement and knowledge on the topic of focus. This is obtained by putting academics from all over the world in contact with other participants and conference organizers. This leads to superior information regarding the targeted conferences and increases efficiency and effectiveness in conference selection.

We want to be a showcase for conference organizers

To make this possible, Confroll wants also to be the site of choice for scientific conference organizers to showcase their conferences and provide information to potential participants. While many conference pages are currently auto generated by our web crawler based on free content available over the Internet, we would love to see many conference organizers to take ownership of their conference page, add more detailed conference information, and interact with the users.

We support academics and conference organizers with value added services

The site currently implements a number of free, value-adding services to make it easier to find the favorite conferences and track any important conference deadline. Click here to have a look to the services for academics and here to see what we offer to conference organisers.

Our services are free of charge

Confroll is a not for profit initiative. Posting a conference, asking for information and using the website service is totally free of charge. You just need to register and create your profile.

User’s privacy is our number one priority

Confroll is totally respectful of the user privacy. We may use your email address
  • for communications related to the Confroll service (eg, new private message or relevant date notifications)
  • to send you time to time (and never more than once per month) emails with information on any additional Confroll service we may develop or other related products we offer in future

That’s it. Your email will not be published on the website. We are also committed to not disclose your email address or personal details to any third party entity (including other users). Our website has been designed since the beginning with the privacy in mind. This is the reason why, for instance, we implemented an internal messaging system instead of sending around emails to the addresses of our users.