Student Conference: Youth Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

Chisinau (Moldova, Republic of), 18-21 December 2012

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The Youth Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction is an academic event gathering young people who will develop and exercise their knowledge in DRR and climate change, as a tool of awareness raising, knowledge sharing and involvement of young people in DRR policies and will take place in a green area at the National Center Labour Institute (Institutul Muncii from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova on 18-21 December 2012.
The objective of the event is to generate debate and innovative ideas attracting young people to promote and strengthen Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation.
The Conference will allow students to become active participants rather than passive observers, thus reaffirming the fact that “an informed and motivated citizenry will ensure good governance on DPR, and good governance will thrive on the input of proactive citizens” (Children on the Frontline: “Children and Young People in Disaster Risk Reduction”).
Moreover, the recognition by adult stakeholders that young people are often willing and interested to learn and subsequently use their knowledge to contribute to DRR, is crucial. That is why engaging young people in an active learning and discussion format perfectly relates to the objectives of the Hyogo Priority Action 3 (Education, information and public awareness), as well as the overall mission of CRRDSC (promotion of disaster management and climate change adaptation to individuals, communities and organizations, with the aim of reducing the risk, impact and cost of natural, human-induced and technological disasters).
The Youth Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2012 is organized, taking into account that disasters and other environmental hazards are becoming more intense and frequent and in response to a growing demand to promote and strengthen disaster risk reduction and emergency management and to attract the young generation in addressing this global problem.
Through active participation both in the plenary sessions, as well as in working group discussions, the participants of the conference will acquire the abilities necessary to be applied at community level (Hyogo Priority Action 1), whereas knowledge and education empowers communities in pushing for better governance – understanding and articulating rights to address vulnerabilities, and pursuing accountability.

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Chisinau (Moldova, Republic of)

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